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Learn about the United States Citizenship Naturalization Interview with Literacy Volunteers of Collier County.

We offer One-on-One  and Classroom training to ensure your success!


Citizenship Preparation:

There are several steps you can take to become a U.S. Citizen. 

  • First, make sure you have the English skills required:  speaking, writing, reading, and understanding English.
  • Second, read about the eligibility requirements, the citizenship process (called the naturalization process), and the naturalization interview.  Read the  Naturalization Information

LVCC strongly recommends that you do not submit an application until you understand the process and have the English skills.

Citizenship Classes:

  • LVCC offers a six (6) week class, two (2) one hour sessions per week, that will teach students the 100 Civics questions and how to read and write English sentences correctly.  The class has had excellent results over the last three years.  Everyone who has completed the class has become a citizen!  Over 50 students!
  • LVCC also has a new program that will provide a Citizenship Naturalization Pre-Test.  This exam will determine if a student or non-student has the English skills to likely pass the Naturalization Interview.  The Pre-Test will cover the same four areas:  English speaking, writing, reading, and a ten question Civics exam.Please call LVCC  (239-262-4448) to schedule a preferred time for this 15 to 20 minute Pre-Test.The Interview:  The following is an example of a USCIS interview:  See Interview

  • The following students have become Citizens:

Gloria Navarro

Aty Gonzalez

Aty Gonzalez



Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia

Maria Marrero

Maria Marrero

Juana Perez

Juana Perez



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