Workplace Literacy is a combination of employee English training and business English communication.

English for Your Workplace

Collier County is a thriving community with a growing population and new businesses.  The need to find employees who are fluent in English needs to keep pace with this growth.

LVCC’s Workplace Literacy program is conducted at a business’s office.  Classes of up to six employees are tutored for one hour, twice a week, for six months under the sponsorship of the business.  Part of the class focus will train the students on English words typically used within your specific business.

Students are pre-tested to evaluate their English skills resulting in the following levels:  beginners, level 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Classes will be tailored to meet the student levels.  Post-program testing will be done at the end of six months

Our tutors, working in partnership with your organization, design custom courses specific to the needs of your business and your employees.  All books and other materials required for the courses are provided by LVCC and the business provides a suitable room for the class.  At the end of six months, the business may request a six month extension.



Workplace Literacy

Workplace Literacy



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